• Full Scope & All Scale Film & Video project management from inception through distribution.
  • Location Scouting & Management
  • Production Management
  • Camera Operations & Lighting – can work as one-man-band on certain projects
  • Live Event Production & Direction – working with Primitive World Productions, LLC – I produce on going live events for clients including Ed Slott & Company and Financial Independence Group.


  • Adept with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere & Aftereffects, Davinci Resolve Color Correction & Finishing software
  • Own\Operate\Rent – Sony EX3 video camera with tripod, wireless sound, Arri light kit and Diva 400 kit
  • Own\Rent – Full locations kit including traffic cones, police tape, interior floor protection, etc.
  • Fully skilled with and own all major film production software including EP\Movie Magic Budgeting & Scheduling, Screenplay
  • Systems Screenwriter 6, Media-Services Showbiz Budgeting & Scheduling and Gorilla 5.02.
  • Beta tester for Gorilla & Media Services film production software packages.